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STEPSS Academy Curriculum


The focus of the STEPSS program is to foster independence through teaching, practicing and applying essential life skills that are dependent on the developmental stage of the student.  Instructors are highly qualified ESE specialists and classroom aides have ABA training certification.  The program encompasses academics, social skills and spiritual training.


Classroom learning is enhanced with each student using an iPad, manipulatives, games, audio-visuals, and other appropriate technological devices. We use an interdisciplinary approach and differentiated teaching. Our students progress from basic foundational academic knowledge and skills to a possible attainable high school graduation level.  This will help our students to become independent and find their place in the real world.


Integrated academic learning includes:


Bible: knowledge of God and relationship with him through Bible stories, arts & crafts, simple role play with music and application of Biblical concepts to daily living.


Language: phonics, spelling, reading, handwriting, creative verbal and written expressions are encouraged.


Mathematics: basic numeral concepts using manipulatives, simple mechanical computations and word problems for developing thinking skills.


Social Studies: knowledge of self, school and immediate communities, awareness and knowledge of important national events to foster national pride.


Science & Health: awareness and socially acceptable presentation of self. Knowledge of and practice in keeping wholesome immediate surroundings.  Our student’s will be learning about nature and how to care and express appreciation for it.


Music & Theater, Tae Kwon Do, Field trips and Swimming enrich the curriculum for students’ growth and development.  

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