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The Fairchild Challenge

“Fairchild Challenge” is now included in STEPSS Academy curriculum. It exposes our students at their grade level to the natural environment involving them in various practical activities. These activities include gardening, music, arts and craft, math application, social studies, language arts, and social skills.


Some activities that the senior students engage in, take place inside and outside the classrooms.  Inside the classrooms, teacher directed simulated environments are created.  For example, a simple all-purpose store is used to grasp concepts of wise shopping, money management, communication skills, and healthy choices.  Outside gardening lends itself in using produce to prepare a dish, teach students to be thrifty, develop culinary skills, and share these skills with others.  Learning to sew exposes students to wise shopping of fabrics, patience, following directions and perseverance. Students feel a sense of pride to model what they have sewn. Another activity is acquiring employment skills. Our students work through the Application Process, including resume writing, mock job search, and being interviewed. Work internships are done at local business places which have proven to be valuable exposure for the working world.

The year 2013-2014 was the first year that the school participated in the Fairchild Challenges.



The High School Fairchild Challenge Award

The Middle School Fairchild Challenge Award

Green Cuisine Special Merit Award


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