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Elementary K-5


We are committed to developing basic and advanced skills by maintaining a high level of enthusiasm among our student through caring and dedicated staff. The core subjects are reading, mathematics, grammar, process writing, science and health, social studies, Bible, hand writing, and spelling. The curriculum is enriched with computer literacy and the use of tablets. Also our program offers art, music, Spanish, physical education, and tae kwon do. Self-expression is encouraged in grades 3rd through 5th to promote critical thinking and organizational skills. For reading, math, and language students are placed in smaller groups for a more effective performance. Using differentiated learning the student receives individualized attention.



Middle School 6-8


Basic skills are strengthened and expanded through structured learning of the core subjects: mathematics, reading, language and literature, Bible, social studies, science and health.  Discovery learning is emphasized in all subjects through practical methods such as science labs, and home economics.  Technology integrated learning using computers and tablets enhance the display of information for the acquisition of knowledge and comprehension of concepts to foster critical thinking. This creates an environment enhancing the responsible and meaningful use of technology.  


Additionally, the Middle School students take Spanish, physical education, tae kwon do, music, and art. Whole groups, small groups, and individualized learning environments are used to help students achieve mastery in their education.


High School 9-12


Students complete the required subject credits to earn their High School Diploma.  The core subjects are Bible, language and literature, mathematics, Spanish, science and social studies. Electives include art, music, physical education, and tae kwon do. Academic learning is demanding and though the mastery concept is used in these grades, high levels of attainment are encouraged so students are equipped with functional knowledge and skills for their world. Students are taught to process and articulate their thoughts verbally, in writing and in different technological forms as in power point and video.


Our High School program includes a Life Skills component which prepares students for the job market and/or prepares them for college entry. Students learn how to write their resume and are exposed to the skills of job search, job application, and interviewing. Our students learn how to perform on the job through work study programs developed with local business.  The skills our students are learning lead them to become productive, independent community members.  

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